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At the age of 19, I signed a record deal with South African record label "Sarepta" with the band "Rain".  We realeased our first EP, "Daydream" in 1996.  And that was the beginning of my life in the music industry.  Since then I have been a session vocalist, published songwriter & released my own solo album.  In 1998 I took a break from my own music career to help birth the dreams of other musicians.  Starting with Production Co-ordinator for Vineyard Music UK and helping on albums such as "Hungry" & "Surrender".  I then worked as the A&R manager of UK based label "Survivor" (Co-pulishers with EMI CMG)  and worked with artists such as Tim Hughes and 100 Hours.  I also helped run a booking agency "Xalt Music" where one of the highlights was hosting a concert at the Royal Albert Hall in London. After that I briefly worked as Personal Assistant to Natasha Bedingfield, and then returned to working on my own music alongside a stint traveling the world as chaplain to the Women's World Surf tour.


At the moment I am working as a private music teacher for beginners of all ages. I teach piano, guitar and drums.    


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 On the left you will see my discography, which includes solo albums, compilations, Xtreme Sports videos and some of my work with bands and other musicians.  Click on each pic to see more info on individual albums.