How to take your business to the next level


After working in 3 countries over the last 23 years, Liselle has gained extensive knowledge in a variety of industries.  Ranging from work in the UK Government, Electronic Publishers, Consumer Goods, Schools, Telecommunications Companies, Record Labels, Non Profits, Restaurants, Events Companies, Entertainment industry, Software Development, Supply Chain, Churches & World Sports Leagues.

Specializing in...
  • Music Industry

  • Extreme Sports

  • Non-Profits

  • Churches

  • Small Businesses


Byron Easterling - BHH International

What I find intriguing about Liselle is her ability to stop and listen and actually believe in what you're doing...To take the concepts, the ideas and come up with stepping stones and applied practices to get you to that next place on your journey...It's a gift to believe and then strategically release you into that next place. 

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